Welcome to Seattle Christian Elementary

Seattle Christian Elementary brings families a unique educational experiencing, built around a learning culture that invests in the heart and skill of each student.

Read below to find out more of what sets SCS elementary apart.

Class Sizes

Class Sizes

Our elementary class sizes are designed to be small enough to provide a personalized academic experience and large enough to offer a varied group of peers with which to collaborate. Class sizes at each grade level are based on these factors to create an ideal setting for student learning.

K-12 Campus

Our purpose-built 13-acre campus includes grades kindergarten through 12th grade, allowing students to develop lasting relationships with peers and faculty. There are also plenty of spaces outside of the classrooms for students to explore and grow, including a large gymnasium as well as dedicated rooms for music, band, library and student support.

Kindergarten Experience

Kindergarten Experience

SCS eases kindergarten students into school by creating a space that is all their own. Classrooms are located in a self-contained kindergarten area of the elementary wing. Kindergarteners participate in all the same activities as the older students, including recess, PE, music, and library. Click here to check out what some of our kindergarteners have to say about their SCS experience.

6th Grade Transitional Year

While many schools place 6th graders in middle school, SCS treats the 6th grade year as a key transition period between elementary and middle school. Students participate in some of the key aspects of elementary, including specialist classes of library, PE, and music, and also act as leaders in student council. At the same time, students begin preparations for middle school by rotating classes for specific subjects.

6th Grade