Elementary School Life

Elementary School Life

Students enjoy a wide variety of on and off campus activities designed to enhance their SCS experience. Each is designed to afford students the opportunity to build deeper relationships with faculty and classmates, foster student leadership, bring life to academic objectives, and deepen their worldview.


Each Wednesday morning students attend chapel together. Students enjoy singing a variety of praise and worship songs, led by the elementary worship team. Chapel also includes a message focused on a monthly theme. Teaching from God's Word, speakers help students gain a deeper understanding of who God is and how to apply His truth to their lives. Chapel presents a wonderful opportunity to help students grow in their personal relationship with Jesus!

Barnabas Chapel

A wonderful leadership opportunity, Barnabas Chapel is a monthly meeting of small groups of students led by our sixth graders. Barnabas Chapel is a time when students reach across grade levels to care for one another. Students share prayer time, discuss the theme of the month and learn about biblical ways to solve conflict.

Field Trips

Each grade takes several curriculum related field trips. Some examples include: puppet theatre presentations, farm visits, museums, art shows, salmon launch, and garden visits. The Camp Casey outdoor education experience is an extended overnight field trip for all 5th graders.

Intramural Basketball

Students in grades 1 - 6 are invited to join intramural basketball in the fall. The goals of the program are for students to grow in fundamental basketball skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. Intramural basketball includes practice after school and games on Saturdays.

Cheerleading Clinic

High school cheerleaders and coaches lead a week-long clinic for boys and girls that teaches basic rhythms and cheers for students. This clinic is a great way to get students thinking about school spirit, provides opportunity for interaction between older and younger students, and helps elementary students see cheerleading as a sport.

Running Club

Students in grades K - 6 are invited to join the elementary running club in the spring. The purpose of the running club is to encourage physical activity, promote healthy lifestyles in a fun way as students learn strengthening exercises and improve cardiovascular endurance.

School Music Programs

The entire school is involved in two music programs each year. Each grade learns special parts for the program and 6th grade students audition for theatrical parts in each program.

Band, Choir, Strings & Elementary Worship Team

Students in grades 5-6 are welcome to join the elementary band and choir.  The strings program is open to students in grades 4-6. These three music programs take place at the beginning or end of the school day. Students attend weekly practice and perform at Christmas, Spring and ACSI Musicale events.

The elementary worship team is made of students in grades 5-6. Practice is held throughout the week during recess, and students help lead their peers in worship during Wednesday chapel programs.

ASCI Musicale

Each spring selected choral, band and strings musicians participate in the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Musicale competition. The event is a full day of competitive music performances which are adjudicated by professional musicians and ends with a mass choir and band concert which is open to the public.

Reading Buddies

Students in grades K, 1 and 6 participate in Reading Buddies. This program runs through the school year and is designed to foster students' love of reading, while building relationships between the oldest and youngest students in the elementary school.

School Service Project

Every year, the elementary school introduces several service opportunities to the elementary students. After learning more about each, students vote for the service project they would like to support for the year. The rest of the school year is spent raising awareness and chapel offerings are donated to the selected mission or outreach program.

Student Council

Student Council gives students a voice in their school and provides an opportunity to grow in leadership skills. Under the guidance of the principal, the council meets throughout the year to discuss school climate and student life topics such as recess, service project, lunch, chapel, and spirit days.

Veterans Day Chapel

SCS’s Veterans Day Chapel begins with a special buffet reception for veterans. All elementary students participate in a special program to honor and celebrate veterans that includes a special speaker, music from the secondary school students and typically includes active military personnel.

Spring Carnival

This event is put on by our PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship) each spring and includes a light dinner, over 40 games, prizes and activities. High School students sponsor and supervise the games that are geared to elementary students and parents enjoy the time with other families.

Field Day

At the end of each school year, students participate in field games, competitions, and wacky games for fun. Helping to end the year in community, Field Day helps to bond student and faculty relationships and provides a opportunity for leave-taking that is both memorable and meaningful.


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