Middle School

Welcome to Seattle Christian Middle School!

At Seattle Christian, we are committed to providing a premier educational experience for our middle school students. Our middle school houses the seventh and eighth grades with an average enrollment of 121 students. Seven, full-time certificated teachers serve an average of 17 students per class. Current research and best practice informs our instruction and direction as a middle school. We believe Christian education and excellence in academics should go hand-in-hand. Our middle school program is designed to meet these three educational goals:

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Provide students with rigorous academic instruction fully integrated with scripture and a Christian worldview. When students see the connection between God’s word and challenging academic coursework, they’re better equipped to impact their neighbors, communities and the world around them.

Engage students in relevant learning experiences every day. Instruction that is timely and hands-on provides students with tools and transferable skills that enable them to use and value what they have learned. Students understand subject matter and see its applicability in the real world.

Foster Christ-like relationships with each other. As educators, we realize students will never care how much we know until they know how much we care. Jesus mentored his disciples by knowing them as people first. Through his love, they responded with a lifetime of devotion. Likewise, our commitment to relating to our students as fellow believers communicates their importance to us—and to God.

Our faculty and staff count it a privilege to prepare our middle school students to impact their world for Christ.