Personalized Learning

Unique Student Pathways

Beginning in the fall of 2018, we will unhinge secondary education from the tyranny of the one-size-fits-all factory model of education.

Freeing up our curricular and co-curricular program from an assembly line structure will allow our College and Career Center to use gold-standard technological tools like Naviance to help identify student gifting and passion in middle school and design a high school program of study that best positions each student for their unique post-secondary future.

By shifting to a modified block schedule, we will be able to increase course offerings and the number of classes per week from 7 to 8. These changes will increase student access to courses while fully supporting time each week for spiritual development and academic support through our chapel, discipleship groups, and office hours programs.

Doing time differently will also enable the building of internship, mentorship, and apprenticeship partnerships with business, ministry, and educational organizations across the region. These opportunities will enable students to investigate their passions and dive deeper into their area of gifting prior to graduation – better preparing AND positioning them for training beyond SCS.

So whether God is calling your student to Tier One University, the business world, the mission field, medicine, the arts or the trades…they will graduate from Seattle Christian School with the academic skill, Biblical wisdom, and grace-filled soul they need to live faithfully and fully in the 21st Century.

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