Activate Academy

Activate Academy

Introducing Activate Academy: Our innovative competency-centered learning program at Seattle Christian School. Students embark on a journey of skill mastery and personal growth through rigorous, real-world learning experiences guided by faculty mentors. Through project-based learning, internships, and flexible schedules, students cultivate independence and passion for learning. Highlights include:

  • Rigorous Competencies: Clear, specific, real-world skills challenge students to grow.
  • Faculty Guidance: Mentor teachers provide personalized support in project development.
  • Flexible Learning Pathways: Time and space flexibility enable meaningful off-campus experiences.


A competency-centered learning program will offer a rigorous, relevant program for each student. Students will have a more individualized learning experience with a high level of personal ownership and accountability.

This approach will help students develop into active followers of Christ, providing a balance between scriptural knowledge and spiritual disciplines. Discipleship will take place through a relational approach, with a mentor teacher investing in the spiritual life and growth of the student and with a small group of peers growing alongside.

Parents will be integrally involved in the student's experience, from involvement and support in project planning to ongoing communication with the student and faculty advisor about student progress and growth.

This approach will provide students with opportunities to practice and demonstrate spiritual growth competencies through active involvement in a local church.

A competency-based approach emphasizes meaningful, practical learning experiences. As students learn and grow, they will develop competencies that are relevant to their lives and to their engagement with the world around them. They will be uniquely situated to apply their learning as they graduate and pursue the opportunities that God puts before them.

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