Consortium Program

Christian School Consortium Scholarship

Seattle Christian School is excited to partner with local area K-6 or K-8 Christian schools in the region whose family's desire to continue an exceptional Christian education after their program ends. Students who complete their current program at a consortium school and then continue on at SCS will receive a $1,500 per year Consortium School Scholarship for each year they attend SCS. The scholarship is renewable each year and can be combined with additional financial aid for those that qualify (students must meet admission and eligibility requirements). This scholarship only applies to students that attend a consortium partner school through the last available year at that partner school (6th or 8th grade depending on which school - see schools listed below).

Summary of Scholarship specifications:

  • Students must meet admission criteria.
  • The scholarship is renewable for every year the graduate attends SCS.
  • The Consortium School Scholarship can be combined with additional financial aid for those who qualify.

Current Consortium schools include Valley Christian SchoolBrooklake Christian School, and Glendale Lutheran School.

For more info, contact our Director of Enrollment Dawn Gorder at or (206) 438-5450.