Indexed Tuition FAQ

Indexed Tuition (IT) FAQ


Are all applicants required to complete an Indexed Tuition application?

No, families are not required to apply for IT. If you choose not to complete the IT application you will pay the full-priced tuition rate listed for your student's grade level (the higher end of the range listed in the IT chart here).

How do I apply for Indexed Tuition?

IT applications are separate from your admission application and can be located here.

Will submitting an application for Indexed Tuition impact my child’s likelihood of being accepted?

IT awards are capped by grade level in grades K-5, so if you are applying to a grade where all IT awards have already been assigned then it could impact their admission. For grades 6-12 there are no caps on IT awards and it will therefore not impact admissions decisions in those grades. If you would like to better understand if the grade you are applying for is already at capacity for IT awards, please contact Dawn Gorder in admissions at

When should I apply for Indexed Tuition?

New families should apply for Indexed Tuition concurrently with the admissions process. Once accepted to SCS you will have 14 days to complete enrollment, so you must have the IT process completed by this point if enrollment is contingent on your IT award. Current families will be notified when it is time to reapply for Indexed Tuition and should complete the process prior to February 28 for the subsequent school year.

When will we find out the Indexed Tuition award for our child(ren)?

IT awards will be formally communicated via an IT Agreement form once the admissions process is completed. For families that apply for IT after acceptance, awards will be communicated once processed by our third-party vendor School and Student Services (SSS). IT awards are not final until the IT Agreement and Statement of Confidentiality are signed and returned to the Central Office.

Are Indexed Tuition awards guaranteed for as long as a student attends SCS or do you have to reapply each year?

All students must reapply for IT each year. IT is awarded based on a family's financial circumstances therefore each year SCS will collect updated financial information via the IT application process to calculate IT eligibility.

How does Indexed Tuition work in situations with varying custody arrangements?

We ask that all applicants for IT that are divorced or otherwise separated from the other parent complete the Non-Custodial Parent Form and provide a copy of the legal custodial agreement and/or divorce decree. This will allow us to determine if both parents are required to complete an Indexed Tuition application to determine eligibility for an award as funds available for tuition must be assessed for both parents depending on the terms of the custody agreement. Information provided remains confidential throughout the process.

What happens if a non-custodial parent does not complete an application for Indexed Tuition?

If SCS determines that both parents are required to complete an IT application (based on the previous question) and one parent does not comply, we will automatically assume that parent has the financial means for full-priced tuition (as with any family bypassing the IT process). This may result in a greater share of tuition being allocated to one parent based on the result of the other parent's IT application.

If I am remarried or share a household with another adult, will he or she be required to apply for Indexed Tuition as well?

Yes. If the custodial parent is sharing a household with another person, he or she will need to file as a co-applicant for the Indexed Tuition application. Shared household expenses represent additional funding of living expenses which must be considered when applying for IT.

How are contributions to tuition from other family members factored into the Indexed Tuition process?

If a family member or any other individual contributes to tuition costs for a student then this must be reported on the Indexed Tuition application as this is considered a form of income which impacts the IT calculation.

If my financial situation changes and I have a need for assistance that I didn’t have before, what do I do?

You should contact SSS and provide information on the financial changes you are experiencing. You should also contact the SCS Business Office to request a Change in Financial Status Form. Seattle Christian School will work with SSS to determine the appropriate Indexed Tuition rate for your family given the new financial situation. IT caps still apply.

How much does it cost to apply for indexed tuition?

SSS charges $50 for each application. If you qualify for free and reduced lunch through your public school system, SSS will waive the cost of your application. SSS makes this determination automatically based on the financial information provided in your application.

Are there IT awards available that cover the full cost tuition?

No. The maximum combined discount a family will receive for tuition is a 45% reduction. This includes all other types of discounting, see below for more details.

Are any other forms of tuition discounts available?

There are three other types of discounts available to families - sibling discounts, pay in full discounts and our consortium scholarship discount. Click here for more information on these types of tuition discounts. No other discounting or scholarships are available.

If I qualify for an IT award am I assured admission for my student?

No. The IT process is separate from the admissions process. All applicants must meet all application requirements and be accepted to attend SCS.

Application for indexed tuition is processed by School and Student Services.