Indexed Tuition FAQ

Indexed Tuition (IT) FAQ


Who is required to complete an Indexed Tuition Application?

Any family who would like to be considered for reduced tuition must complete the Indexed Tuition application for each school year.  If no application is completed you will pay the full-priced tuition rate. Click here for tuition rates.

When should I apply for Indexed Tuition?

All returning families must re-apply for Indexed Tuition each school year by February 28 for priority consideration of the upcoming school year.

New families should apply for Indexed Tuition concurrently with the admissions application.  Priority is given to returning families through February 28.  After this date, new family applicants will be reviewed in order of completed application.

*Awards are limited and therefore could impact your admissions/re-enrollment decision if all awards have been utilized by the time you are applying.  If you apply and no Indexed Tuition awards are available, you will be given the option to enroll at full price or be placed on a waiting list for Indexed Tuition.

How do I apply for Indexed Tuition?

Indexed Tuition applications are processed by FACTS Grant and Aid, a third party who reviews financial information. Please note that the Indexed Tuition application is separate from your admission application. Click here to apply for Indexed Tuition.

How does Indexed Tuition work for unmarried/divorced or separated parents?

We ask that all Indexed Tuition applicants that are single, divorced or otherwise separated from the other parent complete the Non-Custodial Form in addition to the requirements below.

Unmarried Individuals/Couples:

Child Support Documents will be requested.  Also, any domestic partner or other responsible adult(s) living in the household are expected to be added to the application and provide financial information.

Divorced/Separated families:

The school will require a copy of the Divorce Decree and/or Child Support Order.  Also, if there is a current spouse, domestic partner or other responsible adult(s) living in the household then they are expected to be added to the application and provide financial information.

It is the responsibility of both parents/guardians to submit the appropriate financial information.  If one parent does not comply, the school will NOT be bound by the assertion that one parent/guardian has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses.  The application will be based on the assumption that the non-compliant parent has the financial means to pay their portion of full-priced tuition.

What if one applicant is a non-working parent/guardian?

When there are no pre-school or younger aged children in the home, we assume both parents are employed.  If one parent chooses not to work, additional income will be attributed to the income calculation provided by FACTS Grant and Aid and the parent contribution will be recalculated.

How are contributions to tuition from other family members factored into the Indexed Tuition process?

If a family member or any other individual contributes to tuition payment for a student, this must be reported on the Indexed Tuition application as this is considered a form of income that impacts the calculation.

Are there Indexed Tuition awards available that cover the full cost of tuition?

All tuition assistance is awarded as a partial percentage of tuition based on grade level and application qualification. There is no Indexed Tuition award that covers 100% of the cost of tuition.

If I qualify for an Indexed Tuition award am I guaranteed admission for my student?

The Indexed Tuition application is separate from the admission process. To be admitted to SCS, applicants must complete and meet all admission application requirements and be accepted to attend SCS.

Applications for Indexed Tuition are processed by FACTS Grant and Aid.