Indexed Tuition FAQ

Indexed Tuition FAQ

Must I complete an application for Indexed Tuition?

No, this application is not required. If you choose not to complete the application you will pay the upper range tuition for your child’s class.


How do I apply for Indexed Tuition?

Click here to begin the process. You will need your tax returns as well as financial information regarding your income and expenses.


Will submitting an application for Indexed Tuition hurt my children’s likelihood of being accepted?

No, determination of tuition levels is a separate function from the admission process. An Indexed Tuition Application does not affect a child’s likelihood of being accepted.


When do I apply for Indexed Tuition?

New families may apply for Indexed Tuition concurrently with the admissions process. Current families will be notified online and through the weekly communication once the Indexed Tuition application is open. Please apply as soon as possible. If you are a current family, please apply by May 31st.


When will we find out the tuition level for our child(ren)?

Tuition levels will be formally released at the time of admission or once School and Student Services (SSS) has processed and approved the application. Indexed Tuition amounts will be applied once the agreement and Statement of Confidentiality are signed and returned to the Central Office.


Does Indexed Tuition continue throughout a student’s time at Seattle Christian School?

No, each student’s financial need is calculated annually. Therefore families are required to complete and submit an application for Indexed Tuition and submit all required financial information for each year that they wish to be considered for indexed tuition.


Must a non-custodial parent complete an application for Indexed Tuition?

Any applicant who is a single, divorced or separated parent of the child is required to complete the Non-Custodial Parent Form along with a copy of the legal custodial agreement and/or divorce decree.

Non-custodial parents may also be required to complete the application for Indexed Tuition. Both parents retain the obligation to contribute what they can afford to the education of their children. Each parent’s responsibility to pay tuition is determined by a family’s ability to meet educational expenses. Each parent’s data is combined to determine tuition. Information provided remains confidential throughout the process.

 What happens if a non-custodial parent does not complete an application for Indexed Tuition?

If one parent decides to forego submission of the Indexed Tuition Application that parent will be deemed to be able to pay full tuition. This may result in a greater share of tuition being paid by one parent as compared to the other.


If I am remarried or share a household with another adult, will he or she be required to apply for tuition assistance as well?

Yes. If the custodial parent is sharing a household with another person, he or she will need to file as the co-application for the Indexed Tuition application.


What happens when family members or others contribute to tuition on behalf of an SCS student?

SCS expects honesty from all of its families. If a grandparent or other individual is contributing to a child’s education this must be reported on your Index Tuition application.


If my financial situation changes and I have a need for assistance that I didn’t have before, what do I do?

You should contact SSS and provide information on the financial changes you are experiencing. You should also contact the SCS Business Office to request a Change in Financial Status Form. Seattle Christian School will work with SSS to determine the appropriate Indexed Tuition rate for your family given the new financial situation.


How much does it cost to apply for indexed tuition?

SSS charges $50 for each application. If you qualify for free and reduced lunch through your public school system, SSS will waive the cost of your application.


Are some families awarded full tuition?

No. The lowest Indexed Tuition rates are 50% as reflected on the Indexed Tuition chart.

If I am eligible am I assured enrollment for my student?

No. Each applicant must go through the application process, testing, and interview. Admission standards will be the same for all students regardless of a family’s situation.

What expenses are there other than tuition?

Families will still be responsible for application and enrollment fees. Applications cost $75 per student, not to exceed $150 and enrollment fees are $100 per student, not to exceed $200. A one-time Campus Fee of $600 will be charged to each family. Students will incur expenses such as lunch and extracurricular activities.

Will SCS offer tuition assistance to students because they excel in athletics?

No, we do not give athletic scholarships. The entire Variable Tuition Program is a needs based program that relies solely on the family’s ability to pay. Some of our students receiving Variable Tuition may be athletes but their athletic ability is not the reason for the award.


Application for indexed tuition is processed by School and Student Services.