Christian School Tuition—Within Reach

Because families' financial situations are not the same, tuition at Seattle Christian School is not one-size-fits all but indexed to fit each family's unique financial circumstance.  

Due to the generosity of the SCS community, past and present, families pay between 50-90% of the cost of their child's education. Learn more about Indexed Tuition by watching the video or by talking with our Admissions Coordinator, Dawn Gorder or call (206) 438-5401.  


Indexed Tuition Ranges 


$3,725 - $7,450

Grades 1-3

$4,900 - $9,800

Grades 4-6

$5,250 - $10,500

Grades 7-8

$6,000 - $12,000

Grades 9-12

$6,375 - $12,750

Multi-Student Discount

The tuition ranges above are for the first child, discounts for multiple children will be applied as follows: 10% discount for 2nd child, 30% discount for 3rd child and 35% for additional children.



Campus Fund: $600 - ONE-TIME fee paid at registration or included in payment plan 

Student Parking: $100 – Annual fee for students who desire to park on campus 

Sports Fee:

Middle School - $100 per sport (max. $200 per year) 

High School - $150 per sport (max. $300 per year) 

Childcare: $5.50/hour for before or after school care  

Re-enrollment: $250 ($150 if paid early) – Annual fee paid by returning families at time of re-enrollment  

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