COVID-19 Information


Seattle Christian School continues to closely monitor news and information related to conditions of COVID-19 as it impacts our school. Please check back regularly for updates. 

COVID Reporting

To report a confirmed COVID case, please complete the Absence Reporting form being sure to note any symptoms of COVID.

SCS COVID-19 Chart

The below COVID-19 chart details the current number of positive COVID-19 cases per grade level or faculty/staff impacting the SCS community. All faculty, staff, students, and families who need to be notified about possible close contact or need to quarantine have been promptly notified. If any concerns impact the entire K-12 student body, families will receive a global communication from Superintendent Chad McNatt.

Last updated 4.19.21 at 5:15pm.

COVID Chart 4.19-01

Reopening Plan

Resources from Government Agencies

“I believe that students and teachers ultimately hold the same responsibility. Regardless of our capacity, we both teach, and we both learn. We're always students and in some way (whether we end up with a job in academia or not) we will all be teachers. If we all think this way, we can have a pretty cool collaboration."

Photo by: Mike Fiechtner Photography