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These online College & Career Center resources are here to help you (and your family!) as you plan for life after high school. Here you’ll find career, college, scholarship, financial aid information, and more, all of which build on what we’ll cover in school. You can also stop by the College & Career Center (S50) to pick up information or to talk to the counselor. Important events and updates will be publicized in the Thursday and Weekly Bulletins.
Many Colleges accept the Common Application for admission, often referred to as the Common App. You can get information here. The Common App requires input from the counselor. If you have any information that would help the counselor to submit a better recommendation, be sure to bring in an activities resume or a list of volunteer and extra-curricular responsibilities. Call or stop by the College and Career Center (Room S50) if you have any questions.
There are college options for every student, and lots of good reasons to get a college degree.
As you have questions about the college application process or planning for your future, stop by the counseling office so we can talk. Parents can also reach the counselor at (206) 246-8241 x1250. You are in our prayers as you explore God’s plans for your life and dream about your future!
SCS's High School/CEEB Code: 481155
(our 6-digit school code for college-related applications & testing)
Spring 2017
College Visits During High School Lunch
March 23rd - California Baptist University 
March 27th - Pensacola Christian College 
March 30th -
Seattle Pacific University
May 18th -
Bob Jones University