What is InterSCession?

  • InterSCession provides the opportunity for creative elective learning that requires flexibility of time and/or location.

What are the objectives of InterSCession?

  • To give both teachers and students opportunities to pursue specialized subjects and skills in depth.
  • To provide a framework that supports service and short-term ministry.

Who participates in InterSCession?

  • All high school students are required to participate, no vacations/planned absences allowed this week.
  • A student’s class choice (and any class change) must be signed and approved by a parent, teacher and InterSCession Coordinator.
  • Priority will be given to students completing registration forms on time. However, there are a few classes which require applications, and applications must be accepted in order to participate.
  • Students may not take the same activity/offering twice.
  • Independent projects are by application only and must be approved by the InterSCession Coordinator, Ms. Tripoli.

What type of classes are offered?

  • Most of the courses offered are either Mission or Service oriented such as: Vision House, working with the homeless, tutoring at a local school, World Vision, etc.
  • However, some classes are academic or occupation education such as: Photography, Mexican Cooking, etc.
  • Some of our classes are overnight and may be within Washington State such as Cedar Springs and Warm Beach Christian Camps, and others are out of state or country such as:  Florida Mission trip, LA Dream Center, London and Costa Rica, etc.

Covering the Costs

Due to certain activities, materials involved, and transportation, all InterSCession classes have a fee. Travel classes or mission trips may have significant costs. Several opportunities for fundraising are made available to help students raise funds.

Spring fundraisers:

Students may sign up to serve at the annual SCS auction. Funds earned through tips may be used toward InterSCession.