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PlusPortals is a cloud-based application integrated with the SCS student information system.  This application provides access to student class pages which include homework, grades and progress reports along with teacher contact information.

To pay your bill, please logon to Plus Portals and select Forms.


PlusPortals FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A: PlusPortals is a cloud-based application integrated with the SCS student information system. This application provides access to student class pages which include homework, grades and progress reports along with teacher contact information. It also has access to school-wide information such as event dates & weekly bulletin updates.

A: Parents with a current email address on record with SCS will receive an email with login instructions once school begins in the fall. To update your email address, contact the Central Office .

Your email address is your user ID so keep in mind if you share an email as a family and/or with your student you will then have one login account.

All SCS students in grades 6-12 will have their own PlusPortal account. Teachers use the portal to provide homework assignments. To update a student email address, please contact the appropriate office:

A: Upon login you will have access to the home page dashboard which will display a pictorial chart of your student(s). From there you can link to an individual student’s dashboard by clicking the “More…” button.

This dashboard will display course information, including grades and recent homework assignments. It allows you to view your student(s) schedule and link to more detailed course information. It also provides a venue for teachers and students to exchange homework.

A: This student dashboard is similar to the parent however it will be specific to the individual student rather than the entire family and may contain assignment/course work specific to students’ classes that a parent view would not have access to. It also contains a place for students to send and receive e-mail from their teachers.

A: Scores are shown when a teacher has completed grading an assignment and enters it into their GradeBook. Scores are real-time, meaning they can be viewed by the parent as soon as the teacher has completed grading the assignment and enters the score for that assignment. Report Card grades are only uploaded at the quarter and may not reflect the current status of a student’s progress in the class.

A: You can email your student’s teacher via the “email & messages” tab located on the home page in the Portal. Simply create a new email, select “add recipient” and choose the teacher you would like to email. You can also access the SCS Staff Directory on our website.

A: As with any internet access, sometimes connections are dropped. Please close all browser windows and re-open to access PlusPortals.

1. Student unable to log on.

a. If you have an email set up for your login and have forgotten your password, select the “Can’t access your account?” link from the login page. Check your junk mail for the reset info.

b. If you do not have an email but are using a school issued login, please email your counselor; Mrs. Phillips (A-G, T-Z) or Mrs. Miller (H-S) or the Registrar during school hours to request a reset or update your login to an email.

2. Difficulty using the StudentPlus App:

a. Log off and log back in

b. Delete the app and reinstall

c. Restart your phone (shut it off and turn it back on).

3. Students unable to view assignments:

a. When accessing assignments (under Coursework), please change your view to see All Pending Coursework and All Types. If those are not set you may not see all your assignments. You can also sort your assignments by Due Date simply by selecting/clicking on that column. It toggles back and forth between most recent & oldest.

4. Students not seeing current grades posted:

a. Make certain you are looking in the “Recent Scores” on your overview page

b. Or on your class page look at “Performance/Scores”

c. You can also try to log off & log back in to refresh your view

5. Students cannot upload to the eLocker from the Phone App.

a. Students have to either log in to their account on a computer to upload

b. Or log in to their account on their phone using a browser, not the app

6. Make certain they are using their own account not their parents, some portal features are only available in student accounts.

A: If your questions are PlusPortals specific, please refer to the link(s) below for guides to using PlusPortals. If your questions are grade specific, please contact your student’s teacher. If you or your student would like a PlusPortal account setup, please contact the appropriate office and provide an updated email address along with the request:

These documents and videos are provided by our vendor to assist you in further understanding and using PlusPortals. Please note as you go through these guides, SCS does not use all of the features referred to in these guides. SCS has not implemented the school directory portion for parents or students.

Interactive Guides for Parents

ParentPlus Portal Web Application User Guide