School Closure & Delays

The decision to close school or have a two-hour delay is based on our own assessment of the campus informed by the decision-making of neighboring school districts. For the most part, we follow suit with Highline Public Schools, but there can be some exceptions or variations, especially given that we are on a bit of a hill with a parking lot that can tend toward being icy, and since we have families coming from around the region.

  • Evening decision: If snow is accumulating in the evening, and the prediction is to continue through the night with low temps and/or potentially icy conditions, we would ideally make a decision (or initial decision) by 8:00pm when possible.
  • Morning decision: If snow begins falling (or ice emerging) during the night or early in the morning, the goal is for a decision to be made by 5:00am. When reasonable, a notification of a morning decision will go out the night before.
  • Communication: The text/email combo is the primary method for communicating delays and closures with Warrior families. Delays and closures will also be posted on FlashAlert, news stations, SCS social media, and our website.