Join us in Prayer

As Jesus followers, prayer is central to our work at Seattle Christian School and to our being as individuals. Each Wednesday during Lent, join us for 40 Days of Prayer when we will share a prayer point to consider as we pray for our community, nation and world. Return to this page each Wednesday for the new prayer prompt.

As we enjoy the first week of spring and engage in prayer together, let us be reminded of how Jesus directed his disciples to pray in Matthew 6:9-13. Notice how Jesus begins his model prayer by honoring who God is and then continues by praying for provision, pardon, and protection. As we come before the Lord in prayer this week, may we lift up His name and His work in the world. May we call on Him to be the provider of what we need and be reminded that we are stewards of His goodness. May we ask for His forgiveness and be convicted that we are to forgive others. May we pray for protection from temptation and rely on His love and spirit to guide us to what is right and pure. In the words of Jesus…

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