College & Career Resources

College & Career Resources

Whether you are bound for college, desire to explore a gap year, or want jump into a skilled career after graduation, our College and Career Resources help launch students into a program that is a perfect fit for their post-secondary dreams and passions.

Grade Level College & Career Planning


One way to help pay for college is to apply for scholarships. Besides scholarships offered through your college, there are local and national scholarships that you can research and apply for too. Most are for seniors but keep your eye out for some available to other high school grades. Additional scholarships can be found on the Senior Information Canvas page. Below is a list of scholarship search engines that can get you started.


Click here for more info on Dual Credit options at SCS.

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SAT registration, information and upcoming dates

ACT registration, information and upcoming dates

SCS High School/CEEB Code: 481155

(our 6-digit school code for college-related applications & testing)


“I believe that students and teachers ultimately hold the same responsibility. Regardless of our capacity, we both teach, and we both learn. We're always students and in some way (whether we end up with a job in academia or not) we will all be teachers. If we all think this way, we can have a pretty cool collaboration."