Dual Credit Program

Dual Credit

To support the unique gifts of students, we have forged partnerships with several universities to deliver college courses and credits to SCS High School students. 

Our Dual Credit program allows students to receive high school and college credit concurrently while they are taking pre-approved Seattle Christian School courses at a reduced cost.  

Participating students can graduate with up to a year of college credit, enter their post-graduation college registration process as sophomores (better able to get the college courses they need) and save thousands of dollars on college tuition.  

For more information, check out the Dual Credit Program Brochure.

“SCS gave me innumerable opportunities to pursue my academic aspirations, develop my talents, and deepen my relationship with God. Through the dual credit program I earned a semester's worth of college credits, through the music program I found my passion for singing, and through chapels and InterSCession my faith grew immensely."

Photo by: Mike Fiechtner Photography