InterSCession provides an opportunity for students to SEE God’s heart for the world through Service, Evangelism, and unique “beyond the books” Experiences. As the most anticipated week of the year, students are challenged to gain context for a biblical worldview through hands-on educational and service experiences inspiring them to develop and deepen authentic faith so they may impact their world for Christ.

Options are strategically planned by departments each year as a natural extension of the rich curriculum already engaging students and fall into at least one of the following categories:

S: Service in nature.

Students serving and engaging needy communities as the hands and feet of Jesus locally, nationally, and abroad. Service hours will be earned during these experiences.


E: Evangelical or Ministry/Discipleship in nature.

Students may participate in immersive apologetics, evangelistic, theology, and discipleship experiences to see how a Christian worldview relates to all aspects of life, or they may minster directly to the spiritual needs of others at home or abroad. Service hours may account for a portion of these experiences.


E: Experiential in nature.

Students are spurned to greater passion and interest in various subjects from bible, history, and the arts, to physical education through exposure to God’s amazing creation, and the human story throughout HIStory. Although service opportunities aren’t as pronounced in these experiences, students are challenged to see how God is moving.


Yearly service hours requirements for graduation may be earned during InterSCession week, depending on the experience. Forty hours total are required to graduate, with a minimum of ten hours of service required per year regardless of previous service. Current high school students, please submit the Community Service Form in Canvas for credit hours.


World travel options below are currently only open to high school students. Local and national travel is open to middle school students. Special programs, speakers, projects, and performances are arranged for elementary students on campus. Elementary and middle school students do not need to complete service hours at this time.


Contact Amy Goodrich, InterSCession Program Manager, with any questions.

2023 Offerings

Service Experiences

  • HS: House Build in Costa Rica – 20 Service Hours
  • MS/HS: Volunteering at the World Vision Warehouse – 30 Service Hours
  • HS: Serving at Sambica Camp – 20 Service Hours
  • MS/HS: Professional Culinary Class and Community Feed – 20 Service Hours
  • MS/HS: Campus Clean-up Crew – 30 Service Hours

Evangelical or Ministry Experiences

  • MS/HS: Hospitality Ministry @ Retirement Home – 20 Service Hours
  • MS/HS: Sports Camp Counselor for JBLM Families – 15 Service Hours
  • HS: 5th Grade Camp Counselor – 15 Service Hours

Experiential Opportunities

  • MS: PNW History Tour
  • MS/HS: Hands-on STEM Experience
  • MS/HS: Puerto Rican Cooking & Culture Class
  • MS: Washington D.C. Tour
  • HS: History of Sports Tour
  • HS: Exploring Arizona
  • HS: European WWII History Tour

2024 Offerings

Please check back soon for listings.

2025 Offerings

Please check back soon for listings.


InterSCession 2018: A Glimpse of the SCS Experience

High school students thoroughly enjoyed their week pursuing creative elective learning out of the traditional classroom. Through InterSCession, both teachers and students are able to pursue specific subjects and skills and support the school’s mission of integrating scriptural principles into every facet of life. They are able to experience trips such as serving locally with partners at World […]

“InterSCession gave me the opportunity to be a servant of God and make an impact on the lives of others.”