Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Understanding that children or young adults cannot be trained into the Kingdom or into deeper levels of sanctification, staff and faculty are careful to build redemptive relationships with students and create classroom guidelines and processes that are aligned with this truth.

Believing in the principle of Imago Dei, faculty and staff set their hearts and minds to prayerfully and winsomely nurture each student along the path of spiritual development with wisdom, grace, and love. 

This means helping some comprehend the basics of the Biblical narrative, walking gently with others who are beginning to make their faith their own, and assisting those who are diving into the meatier matters of faith and practice.

In whatever place your student finds themselves, SCS staff are eager to come alongside them in their spiritual development and keenly aware of their need to work in concert with the Holy Spirit.

We also utilize a host of activities that assist in the discipleship process. These include High School discipleship groups, the highlighting of truth within the curricular program, Elementary School Barnabas Chapel, InterSCession Christian service offerings, the High School Chapel and worship teams, and Bible classes in grades K-12. 

Our goal is to live with Luke's reminder that, "students become like their teachers" in full view and be able to say to students as the Apostle Paul did, "...follow me as I follow Christ...(1 Cor. 11)".


“You may not even know where God is leading you. But God will be there. And He will always meet you exactly where you are with open arms.”