Thank you for being interested in donating securities to Seattle Christian School. 


Appreciated Securities 

Making a gift to Seattle Christian School of appreciated securities that have been held for more than one year provides a two–fold tax benefit to you, which reduces the net cost of the gift. 

  1. First, no capital gains tax is paid on the appreciation of the donated securities. 
  1. Second, the donor establishes a federal income tax charitable deduction equal to the market value of the security on the date of the gift. 


Marketable Securities 

Depreciated securities, those that have declined in value since acquisition, should generally be sold to establish a tax loss and then the proceeds donated to SCS. 

Marketable securities are frequently gifted outright to Seattle Christian School. At other times, the gift is made in connection with the establishment of life income arrangements. This allows the donor to realize tax benefits and generate life income for up to two designated qualified beneficiaries. 

If you have any other questions, please contact Carol Ridings in the Development Office –